Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lazy Saturdays and Crazy girl

 I feel like lazy Saturday mornings are few and far between around here. So we try to take advantage so most we can. My kids are kids after my own heart and love to create, so we decided on painting . It is so fun to watch all of their personalities come out. 

 this is our crazy girl :) we say she is "wirey" if that is even a word. she is our most fearless and keeps us on edge a tad bit more than all of the others. Not 1 minute into painting she stuck her hand straight into the paint... it was too cute not to capture.
 This is her serious face, anytime she is concentrating... cracks me up!

 Grace leads the charge in creativity, she is so much like me it is crazy. I just love her so much!!!

 So proud of her pink hands...

 Bye-bye pretty paint colors... hello brown...

Miles is so in love with his big brother. He lights up when  Fisher is around, I love it!