Friday, February 29, 2008


Living here is extreamly crazy, but we do have a great time and there is never a dull moment. I do not want you guys to think that I am not grateful for the wonderful blessings in my life. Preston is having a wonderful time at his new job and gets to serve the lord everyday and be under some of the godliest people I know and we get to see Preston's brothers grow up. I love my family and know that I will look back on this time as a beautiful memory...

A day in the life...

This is a typical day...

I wake up around 7 to the sound of five over-active boys running around upstaris...what could they be doing so loudlly already this morning...that would be wrestling over who is going to be wearing what shirt,

I go and get my two kids ready for the day...bottles, diapers, clothes

Upstairs, the rollerblades have been put on and the beautiful sounds of waves are heard from above, followed by large crashes all before 8!

I start to feed my kids breakfast...3 little boys are now downstairs in my house playing and taunting Grace (still smiling!)

They leave to go and start school...I start cleaning and picking up messes that I am pretty sure I just picked up about 5 min ago...

By noon, school breaks 3 more boys in my house! (still smiling)

1 Grace goes down for a nap, Praise the Lord for Naps! Somewhat of peace and quiet...

3:45, the other boys get home from school...wrestling begins and does not end till about 10 at night!
We have labeled them upstairs, "The Thundering Heard!" and are awaiting the time when one of them comes crashing through our ceiling and onto our floor!

Throw in a lot of crying, poopy diapers, spit-up and some laundry and you have my typical day!

I will keep you updated!

I see the Light!

There is hope... We are building a house in town and should be moving in relatively soon... I am very blessed and Preston and I are really enjoying our adventures out here...we just find them very funny!

The past 6 Months!

So here is a recap of the last 6 months of my life...

  • Preston and I moved from Houston out here to Columbus Texas (35 min outside of katy)
No there is not a Target
No there is no Starbucks
Yes there is a Walmart
No it is not a super Walmart
No we do not use horses as our primary transportaion...
  • We live with Preston's parents
  • In a warehouse
  • beneath them
  • they have 5 children still at home ( 2 six year olds, an 8 year old, an 11 year old, and a 12 year old)
  • the bottom 3 are home schooled
  • we don't have a lock on our door
The stories are ENDLESS...

This is for Mariana!

I have finally made it into the 21st century...I have a blog.