Friday, April 25, 2008

Laughing makes the world go round!

Cute video of Fisher laughing!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I can see the LIGHT!

Well... 7 1/2 months later, we are about to move our things to our new house! I hope... we are supposed to move some of our stuff this weekend. I am not sure if we are going to move all of it yet because Preston and I are going out of town on Monday. But after a long wait we are extremely excited! There are still things that need to be done on the outside of the house, but we are going to do those ourselves at some point! God has blessed us with a beautiful house and I am ready to enjoy it!

I have learned a lot of things in this process though...
I will probably never build another house again! (at least not for a while)
It is a HUGE blessing to have a dishwasher, a washer and dryer and a bath tub, I will never take these things for granted again!
God had blessed us with a very wonderful family!
I am very excited about having a lock on my door!
Next time we decide to make changes in our life, we are going to take it slower (we moved, had a baby, built a house, and lived with family all at the same time!)
I am blessed to have an amazing husband and children!

Thanks to anyone who prayed for us!

We will see what really happens...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Last Couple of Weeks...

Like most of you, our lives have been really crazy the last week or two, but we have made a lot of memories that we would love to share...

First of all, because of Grace's extremely weird hair rubbing, we had to give up the suckie for GOOD! So all of Grace's suckies are "night-night" and Fisher's suckies are ok because he is a baby still and Grace is a big girl! (this is what Grace says) Because she did so good and really did not cry at all, she only asks sometimes where they are and I remind her how big she is, we got her a pink bike! She was so cute in Walmart, because she was so excited and knew what we were going to get...
Here are a few picks of the first bike ride...

Of course you have to get a kiss from daddy before you ride!
And get a bite of an apple...
We also got to go up to Preston's camp and play at the lagoon. I made Grace wear a life jacket the whole time because I was nervous about her falling in, which she did... so I was glad!
Grace trying to get some sun...(kind of hard with a life jacket on!)
Best Buds!
Cheesy Smile!

After such a long week with Family Day up at camp (Preston was home for one dinner all week), we finally got our daddy back and got to catch up on some much needed rest. Well at least some of us did...
Here is Preston and Grace sleeping in Grace's crib together while I was taking care of Fisher!
I had to pray the jealousy away...just kidding!
It did make my heart melt though!

Friday, April 11, 2008

We Need to OPEN Our Eyes!

For any of you out there who watch Oprah you have to watch this. It is so sad that someone with the best intentions could be so far from the truth! The bible is so clear that there will be false teachers and we must be aware!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's a "Horse", No baby, it is a "Goat"!

Last weekend we went to my mom's neighbor's birthday party! It was so much fun because he had a petting zoo there! They had pigs, goats, snakes, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, turtles, a bird and I think that is it. I guess all of our baby Einstein is not working, because Grace would not stop calling the goats, horses! She is a Dork! We had a great time, but above all else we loved getting to spend time with Paw-Paw and Ya Ya! Grace loves them so much and asks where they are everyday, to which she answers "They're night-night!"

Friday, April 4, 2008

Hanging with "The Brothers"

Grace gets to spend lots of time with her uncle's, but around here they are "the Brothers." She really thinks that she is 7 years old and can do whatever they do, so here they are sitting around eating pecans! It was pretty cute...they treat her like she is one of them and she loves them so much!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Little Coog!

Our little Fish"stick"!!

Daddy would be so Proud!

Something reedeming on Oprah!

I was watching Oprah yesterday (Which I never get to do) and the premise of the show was: two girls were in an accident where one died and the other was in very critical condition. Well the coroner got the identities of the girls mixed up so he told one family that their daughter had died and the other that their daughter was in bad shape, in reality it was the other way around. Anyway, after five weeks when the girl was almost back to normal, the families found out and (I was crying pretty good at this point) they were both happy and sad at the same time. But at the end Oprah asked the fathers of the two girls what got them through the ordeal and both of them shared the gospel! Straight up " Jesus died for my sins, for my forgiveness, how could I not forgive others?" They even both quoted scripture, it was pretty neat! It was surprising for Oprah who is normally very "spiritual" but never Christian! It mad me cry thinking about what loss these fathers had been through, yet they could get on television and give God glory!