Friday, May 21, 2010


Nothing quite like the thrill of catching a fish!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mommy Day!

I hope that every mom is getting to take a little break today to truly enjoy all the blessings around her! Not until I became a mom myself did I ever realize that being a mom is the most amazing gift, and at certain times it can be the craziest thing ever! However, with my daughters 4 year birthday coming up next week, my sons 3rd in a few months and another baby due in the next couple of weeks, I am just so honored to be a mom. I find my hormonal self right now getting caught up with the everyday hoopla and forgetting that I have been entrusted with three beautiful children. To raise them to live lives that glorify God, to walk beside them through this crazy world and to ultimately love them unconditionally. What other job description sounds so important? And if I want to, I can do it all in my pj's! And yet we continuously believe the lie that our job is boring and undervalued...I am continually praying to find true joy in being a mother and finding that every slobbery kiss and bear hug is enough to keep me going!

Some great parenting advice from Matt Chandler:
When everything is said and done and we stand before our maker, only you will be held accountable for the way you raised your child. No pastor, friend, or youth group leader...just you!

Have a great day!