Thursday, October 15, 2009

So Proud!

I am so happy right now, as a mom who LOVES art and crafts and everything hands on...this makes my heart so happy. I was making dinner and Grace was coloring, which usually entails shapes, lines, scribbles, the usual...BUT today she came up to me in the kitchen and said, "mom, look daddy!" Expecting a collection of scribbles I looked and saw this...the first drawing of Grace's that actually looked like what she said it was!!! And it was a person...with arms and legs and of course a pretty smile! All at the age of proud. This one is for sure going straight to the fridge!!! You know what they say..."like mother like daughter..."

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Amanda's Lingerie Shower!!

I had the honor of co-hosting my sweet friend Amanda's lingerie shower. I had the most fun time making decorations and putting it together with Emily! We played lots of fun games and Amanda got a bunch of fun goodies!

Lots of candles and you can never go wrong with labels!!
A handmade sign to add to the feeling of the night...
This lingerie garland greeted the guests in the foyer!
These were the lingerie cookies that had cute little tags that say "Love" on them...

Bride to be chair
The mantle with garland and brown bags that I decorated with cute lingerie and candles, along with some brown and blue tulle.

We flanked the drink table with balloons...

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