Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fisher turns 2!

Before I go on about what is going on in our lives...
I want to go on a short trip down memory lane...

I was looking through old picture and remembered that our little "fishstick" came into this world a little "blue". As you can see I am not exaggerating! His cord was wrapped so tightly around his neck that it make his entire head blue for like 2 1/2 weeks. It was so sad and at the hospital every time the nurses changed shifts they would walk in and quickly walk out to go get the doctor thinking that he was not breathing...poor guy! Well, we would of loved him even if he had kept his blue head but we are certainly great full that as you can see now, he is fine!

We kind of did his birthday like Chrismas this year. We had his presents out and we made him stay in our room so that I could get his birthday breakfast all ready...we let him loose to run in and we sang him happy birthday and he got to blow out his candles ( actually as you can see from the picture he really just drooled out his candles) and then he got to open presents and play with his new train set. It was really fun and I am just so in love with my little boy!


I can not believe that my little "Fishstick" is already two years old! Wow... well in the past 2 years a lot has gone on in the James family. We moved from Houston to Columbus, Tx to work at Pine Cove. It was the most amazing decision that we could have made! Preston and I's life has completely changed through the people at Pine Cove and through the ministry that we got the chance to be apart of! Our mindset of "feed me" and how can I get the most out of this church, event or friend, has completely changed. We now look at ministry as a "how can we serve you" type of mindset. It has forever changed the way that we will be in our church, in our community and in our homes. From the amazing speakers that I got to listen to everyday in the summer to the Unbelievable wives that I have learned so much truly is the body of Christ. I am really going to miss the wisdom and the friendships that I have developed over these past 2 years. I can not say enough wonderful things that I have learned from Pine Cove and I will never forget what we learned. you can tell...we are moving!
I know that the logical question after someone says "we're moving" is great "where?" Well as you know, we are not always we don't know! We feel strongly that the Lord is leading us somewhere else and so we are waiting...(not my strongest spiritual gift :) I am fully confident that the Lord has something amazing and I think that we are really thinking about the New Braunfels we are excited to see what the Lord has in store for the James family!

Can I just say that the Lord does amazing things in my life in this whole waiting I am coming to realize that I am not a patient person...which I am sure is why God is forcing me to be patient...however, I have some great days because yes, my husband has been unemployed for 3 days now and I have some not so great days...crazy! I am very humbled by the fact that I know that our family is going to be okay and that we will not starve or even go hungry for that matter because we are very blessed with family and friends. But that is not the case for so many families around our country right is crazy and I my heart just brakes for those families. It has made me appreciate all of the amazing blessings that we have! But...I am still going crazy because the man that I love with all of my heart, and I know God put us together because we are so opposite of each other, seems to have no worries...I just want to scream sometimes because all I want to see is a little sense of urgency! Please someone out there agree with me??? Anyone...? I know all of you level-headed people who can think "logically" and "realistically" are shaking your heads, but sometimes a girl just wants to be unrealistic! Sometimes a girl just wants to take something and run all the way to the absolute most extreme possible situation and write the headline on the newspaper....hence the tension around the James household. Actually, when I do come back to reality, I can really see God refining in me qualities that definitely need some refining and I am truly thankful! My biggest prayer is that our family is doing whatever God wants us to be I can rest in knowing that He is in control and not me!

This adventure of ours has been amazing and I am so excited to see the next steps played out...I will keep you updated! If you think about it, throw up a prayer for us...