Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My husband Rocks!

When we moved to NB we did not have a fridge, so when we got there we went and purchased a really cheap one for the garage and decided to wait on one for the kitchen until we could find a good deal...

well, I am pretty sure that I lost about 10 pounds bc I simply hated going out there to get food (its a great diet, take away the food and you dont eat). Well I found a fridge that I really liked, a stainless, french door with bottom freezer, however the cost of one of these is more then we paid for our first car, so I pretty much counted that thought out... (I know its just a fridge but they are so beautiful)

In comes amazing hubby, I had found a deal on craigslist for a fridge that looked great and told pres he should just go take a look and if it was not in good shape or whatever no biggie, really I just wanted anything to hold cold food inside my house! He went and told me that it was dirty and didnt work...

what a tricker, later that night he pulled in the driveway with this beauty!

I am so excited and I just thinks she sparkles so pretty! I was so excited to go to the grocery store to buy some fresh new food to fill her up with!

It was a great surprise from a great husband! And he had an awesome story about how he got a really great deal on it too!