Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Pantry!!!

I was very inspired by the House of Smiths pantry redo, so I decided to tackle my own. I did not have very much money to spend so I tried to use as much stuff as I could that I already had. First I took everything out! My husband was really excited about that part...

Here are some before pics ...

Pretty much a typical pantry with a ton of food and not a ton of organization. Once I got everything out, I cleaned the shelves and then painted the walls a really pretty greenish gray.

While it was drying, the hardest part for me, was trying to figure out the most logical place and groupings to go back in. I got rid of the stuff that I NEVER use and relocated it to the laundry room. This allowed me to get rid of the over the door hanger and a lot of the appliances. I went to goodwill and got like 5 baskets for 17$ and then spray painted most white. This lets you put the not so pretty stuff inside so you just see the pretty basket. I really tried to put the things that we use the most at eye level and then the things we do not at the top or at the bottom. I did take all of my cereal out of the boxes and used the bags only. It makes it look a lot cleaner. After I got everything in and where I wanted it I printed some lables on the computer. I would of LOVED to use vinyl, however I did not have the patience or the money... so I came up with these. And here is the final product.... I love it!!!