Monday, December 27, 2010

It's Finally here...

After much much anticipation, it finally came...Christmas morning! We made a paper chain count-down to christmas and finally we got to take the last one off. My children basically cried everyday because we could not just take them all off and have Christmas right then...however, it was worth the wait and they had a blast!

It started at 6:30 when two very excited kids came into our room wondering if it was time...we made them cuddle with us until atleast 7... Then we let them in, they were so excited and figured out which pile of presents was theirs. Another tradition we do, is I don't label any of their gifts. Each person has a different wrapping paper and you don't get to find out whose is who until christmas morning. It is actually pretty fun, because up until Christmas they try and figure it out over and over...

Once the fun started it gets pretty crazy...and of course Miles slept through another family Christmas. He missed every one this year.

It truly is so sweet to see their little faces light up over silly little toys. We are so blessed and are so thankful for another wonderful Christmas!