Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Floors!!

It truly is amazing to me how a few simple and key changes in a room can make the biggest difference. Knowing where to spend your money is KEY! To me buying expensive furniture is risky because in a few years or in my case a month or two I am over it... I chose to spend the bulk of our remodel money on key things that would add warmth and overall "charm" to our "cookie cutter home".

Not to mention that the previous owners had an enormous black dog and left behind some very long coarse hair that was impossible to get up...
So we decided to tackle the floors and the easiest change of all the walls:

Here is one before and a couple of durings:

Here are the 6 wall colors we narrowed it down to, we ended up going with the second one from the left SW Universal Khaki, sounds exciting I know, but it ended up being a very grayish tan, which was exactly what I was going for.

And yes, I did say goodbye to my hand painted burlap curtains, only because my sweet sweet husband said I could find something else... so I wasted no time finding something a little more sophisticated. I think that would be the buzz word of the remodel, "sophisticated". I tried to think about that with every decision because I feel that a sophisticated overall room is timeless and is easier to add fun accessories to.

I looked online for inspiration for wall colors for a really long time and debated back and forth between warm tans and cool grays, eventually I realized that the furniture I had worked best with warmer tones...so i went warm.

So for 3 days we lived with nothing in our downstairs and lived upstairs, which was fun, but with three kids I needed somewhere for them to sit or eat, so after 3 days we left and went and stayed with my parents until it was completed...about a week. Even though it was crazy it was so worth the wait and it truly feels like home now...

The curtains are actually a snakeskin like print but it is neutral and a nice touch of texture.
And the rug is my favorite item...it was a 600$ rug from pottery barn that I scored on clerance for 99$! My husband and I were pretty happy about that!

This tv cabinet is half painted white, I just have not had the energy or the time with the holidays to finish...
Everything on the wall here is from goodwill or I made myself. I just painted all the frames the same color to make everything flow together. The number painting is actually a pottery barn knock off that was so simple and completely free!

This is an overall view of the new room complete with children relaxing and playing together...
I am very happy with everything and very grateful for a husband who understand my need to nest!


Jen said...

Looking for the perfect paint color. Love the universal khaki. Your space looks great. Nice score on PB rug!! :)