Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Pantry Revised!

I know that I already re-did my pantry...BUT I got a Silhouette Machine for Christmas, so I decided to put it to good use and make my pantry even better! You can see the original pantry makeover HERE if you want!

Here are the before pictures one more time:

Here are the new picture, complete with all the vinyl lettering you want. My husband has issued a "vinyl stop" in our house. I will admit it might have gotten a little out of hand, but it is just too fun! I also, found some really cute contact paper at Target. It just gives it a little splash of color and it protects the shelves from getting so dirty. I think it give it a very cute touch...

Everything is so accessible now and easy to see!

You will be so surprised at how much junk in your pantry you don't use or don't need! It is a great feeling of freshness when it is all put back together! I love it!


The Teacher's Wife said...

That is SUPER cute!
Love the labeling and especially love the contact paper touch!
Great job!

The Teacher's Wife said...
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Ashley Sinatra said...

Those canisters are so stinkin' cute!