Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Mother's Vision...

I am reading the book, A Mother's Heart, by Jean Fleming. If you are a mom or want to be a mom, go and get it! It is the best book on mothering that I have read.

In one of the chapters she is talking about how and what we pray over our children. Do we pray for them to be healthy and and strong, or should our prayers go so much deeper then that? Are we fervently praying over the condition of our child's heart?
Here is a quote from the book, by a man named Forbes Robinson regarding his son:

"I want you to be one the best men that ever lived, to see God and to reveal him to men. this is the burden of my prayers. My whole being goes out in passionate entreaty to God that he will give me what I ask. I am sure he will, for the request is after his own heart.
I do not pray that you may succeed in life, or "get on" in this world. I seldom ever pray that may love me better, or that I may see oftener in this or in any other world, as much as i crave this.
But I ask, I implore, that Christ may be formed in you, that you may be made not in any likeness suggested by my imagination, but in the image of God, that you may realize not my, but his ideal, however much that ideal may bewilder me, however little I may recognize it when it is created.
I hate the thought that out of love for me you should accept my presentation, me feeble ideal, of the Christ. I want God to reveal his Son to you independently of men, to give you a first-hand knowledge of him whom I am only beginning to see.
Sometimes more selfish thoughts will intrude, but this represents the main current of my prayers. And if this is to be won from heaven by importunity, be ceaseless begging, I think I shall get it for you."

All I can say is WOW! Praying for our children's salvation and transformation through Jesus is the single most important thing we can pray for...

God wants his kingdom to be filled with people who are forever changed and who love him above all else, and we as mothers get to be a part of showing our children what that means everyday! What a challenge and a goal worth pursuing and being proud of! I can not imagine a more important role for my life and I praise God for entrusting me with this charge.