Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Wreaths

My sweet neighbor is about to have her second baby boy anytime
and I decided to make her a diaper wreath.
I had great plans of making a tutorial and all that jazz but in my attempt to get it done
I completely forgot...

So here is the finished product...

It is pretty self explanatory and the possibilities are ENDLESS!
I tend to go towards the more sophisticated ideas, but you could take it anywhere.
All you need is a foam wreath form, some diapers (I used size 2 because the small ones don't quite make it around). Ribbon and any other embellishments you want.

Just wrap the diapers around the wreath and tie with a smaller ribbon until you cover the whole thing and then add bows, letter, rattles, binkies, flowers, really anything...

Make sure you put some ribbon on the top so that it will hang from a door hook

If you are anything like my husband, and are wondering why you would want or need a diaper wreath, well, you don't need a diaper wreath, but it is sweet to get to hang it on your hospital door and then when you
come home you can hang it on your door to celebrate your sweet new baby!

And just for Fun, here is a look at my front door for spring...

I just bought a grapvine wreath from Hobby Lobby and added some of there easter garland to it. I wanted to add some wording somehow, so I just grabbed an extra little chalkboard that we had lying around and put a word from the season..."Rejoice"!

Super easy and super cheap!


Clisty said...

I love this! I've been wanting an Easter Wreath, but most of them you see are a bit cheezy for my taste. I can't wait to get to HL and get me the stuff to make one!

Found you on Tip-Me-Tuesday, if you get a chance check me out!

Heather said...

Ooh I love your wreath creations! I just made my spring wreath (I actually linked it up today on Not Just A Housewife - where I found you!). I love the little chalkboard in the middle! :)

Heather @ Catfish Kisses

Jenny @ Embellishing Life said...

Your wreaths look great! I am inspired by your diaper wreath.... As soon as someone I know gets pregnant I know what I'm making them!:)

Shore Girl said...

Love the egg one --- it's beautiful!