Monday, August 15, 2011

A Few Changes!

So, lately I have just been in a design slump. Not really wanting to do much
around the house, but not really loving everything that was done.

I took some great advise about shopping the home and made a few very cheap changes.

First, this is what the stair wall looked like before:

I took every thing off and moved most of it into different rooms. It was just too cluttered for me and did not really give off the feeling that I was hoping for.
This is that wall now:

I love the simpleness of it and the calm feel it showcases now.
I recovered the lamp in new fabric, got rid of all the chaos going on on the wall and
added some flowers.

When you walk into our house there is a hallway that goes into the living room. It was a great place to add some drama, so I added some STRIPES! I really really love this, it took like 30 min and was totally free and makes such a huge difference.

This was our mantle as of fall, boring and a little impersonal.

This is our mantle now:

It is more funky and casual and goes well with the rest of the room.

There are a few more things that I am hoping to do soon:
1. I really want to get rid of our huge tv cabinet thing and get a long dresser to put the tv on.
2. I want to add a desk somewhere in the house for me to keep my computer and books and stuff on. Maybe in the master? Not sure yet...


Megan said...

I love the changes, sometimes you just get tired of looking at the same thing everyday!

Shelly said...

Just ran across your blog. I love all your design ideas!