Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me...!!!

Well, it is not actually my birthday today, it was back in July.
But... my awesome husband promised me plants in our backyard. Which just made me so happy that I could of cried... then we went out of town, and there is a huge drought, and blah, blah, blah it was not happening. Then it just so happened that I planned my son's birthday party at our house :) Nothing like a little motivation...

So off we went digging, and digging and digging. Little did we know that literally our ground is ROCK hard. My husband worked so hard and sweat so much. It was a much bigger project then we thought to dig out all the beds.

Here are a bunch of before pictures of our backyard. Please excuse our horrible grass we are in the middle of a really bad drought :(

There was NOTHING in our backyard. No trees, no plants... NOTHING! It was really sad.

Last November we put in the stone patio and the covering. Which actually allowed us to go in the back because there was no shade and just tons of sun!

That is my husband digging and probably saying things in his head about me that are not very nice :) It is like 108 degrees here...

We will actually have a tree!

After recovering from all of the hard work it took to dig the beds, then it was the fun part of picking out the plants. But we soon realized, OH MY GOODNESS, now we have to dig again to plant all of these goodness forsaken things...

So, they sat in their pretty little planter boxes for about a week and a half, just waiting for us to muster up the courage to start digging again. We decided that we would attempt a bed a night... which turned into a bed every couple of nights.

However, my awesome husband, ( I can't thank him enough for all of the VERY HARD work that he did in this crazy heat and after a long day at work. THANK YOU!) did dig every hole and I put down all of the mulch. It was a great memory and now it makes out backyard so much more inviting and beautiful. It is really sad, but since we planted the plants we have had so much more animal life in our backyard, bees, lizards, spiders, worms...
there was just nothing for them before.

Here are the afters...

Eventually, that vine will grow up and cover that side of the house and up into the patio covering... which will look really great!

This is our fire pit area that just looks so much better now. This was my husbands idea to plant around it, I did not even think about it.

We added two oak trees to the back and hope to add 2 more to the other side in a little while.

This is the second oak tree. In the back bed there is a crepe myrtle tree and two Esperanza trees that will eventually add some great privacy to our back yard.

This is in the very far corner of the other side of the yard.

This is my favorite view of our yard. It looks so much more full and welcoming.
It was well worth all of the that it is DONE!


judamore said...

Happy Bday from Brazil, Laura!

Christina said...

Looks amazing!
What a talented hubby you have!

Anonymous said...

Wow! It looks so great! What a wonderful birthday present.