Wednesday, April 13, 2011

There is HOPE

You know how sometimes you talk and talk to your kids and wonder if anything actually gets absorbed? We strive as parents to continually tell our kids the importance of prayer and the power of prayer, although it is so hard for their minds
to fully grasp the wonder and power of it all ( I mean it is hard for me to grasp it all too).

Anyway, last night we had let the two oldest, Grace and Fisher sleep together. It really is the sweetest thing to hear them giggling and talking to each other. However, it was almost TEN and they were still talking. So I was on my way up there to lay down the law, and when I opened the door I saw that they had gotten Grace's "Jesus Storybook bible" out and were "reading" it. When I sat down they both had tears in their eyes as they started to tell me how they had found a picture of a guy (Namaan from 2 Kings 5) who had spots all over him and how he looked so sad. They then told me that they were praying for him so that God would heal his spots and make him all better...

Ok, well at this point all the anger I had for them still being up so late, quickly disappeared and I was just filled with complete JOY! I ended up reading the rest of the story and telling them how Elisha told him to go wash himself in the river and he was healed!

It was one of those moments in life where God just gives you a little glimpse of hope for your kids. How in the middle of my crazy life and all of my good intentions and all of my failures, he whispers, " Keep going..."

I am constantly in awe of who God is and how his hand is in every part of my life...

If you don't have a "Jesus Storybook Bible", it is such a great resource for kids. Every story points to the cross and is illustrated beautifully. We have very much enjoyed it!

I think you can find them on Amazon for like $15 bucks or so... VERY worth it!
Great gift for Easter... :)