Saturday, February 26, 2011

The never ending project!

So, I posted the other day a picture of what I have been working on the other day...
little did I know this project would prove to be the death of me...mainly because
UGH! I am really trying to get him on board... so some really awesome comments about how great it looks might win him over :)

It all started with this:

(please excuse the dust) :)
My cute ( i mean very disobedient) 3 year old decided to pretend to be spider man and jump off the couch, while pulling my very heavy curtain rod down with him. I mean rod, hooks, screws, curtains, everything! Yeah! After some long deep breaths, and a whole lot of prayers not to kill him. I figured this would be a great time to try something on this
huge wall that I have been wanting to try...

Here is the giant wall before:

So I bought a stencil at Hobby Lobby and away I went... (trying so badly to finish before my not so ambitious husband got home) Little, did I know that this was a much much more intense project. There is the initial stenciling, then touch up and more stenciling...

Please excuse the bad lighting and the ladder I just could not muster up the strength to move it, and after many long hours and a few not very nice words, here is the wall!
Good bye boring, Hello interesting!

I messed up a little in the top center, but nothing a great wreath can't fix!

Here's to all my 80% er's out there!!!

I still have one more row to do, but I had to take some pictures and my husband is trying to convince me to paint over it :(


Miss Madison's Mommy said...

OMG! It looks amazing! My hubs was not on bored with mine either, but he came around....eventually! :) You did a great job!

The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

NO! It looks GREAT! I can't believe you had the patience to do this!!! I wanted to do a teeny tiny part in my dining room but knew I'd stop halfway! It looks amazing and makes the whole wall pop!!! Good thing your son pulled it down, because this looks incredible!

Alaina said...

It looks great!! I would love to stencil, but I sooooo do not have the patience for a project this big! :)

modern jane said...

Don't paint over it!

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

I definitely think it looks fantastic! Of course, what really matters is that you AND your husband need to be happy with the room. Have you tried asking what exactly about it he doesn't like?

It can be such a bummer to be excited about a project, only to have your significant other be not-so-excited about it :(

The Nester said...

I think it's absolutely fantastic!

show your husband how happy it makes you to see results like that and hopefully next time he will be more on board.

there's a difference between something so bad a person cannot stand it and a simple design preference, find out exactly which one it is and see if you can agree on a solution.

my husband came from a family where they didn't move the sofa for 20 years, so it took time for him to get used to my crazy ideas.

now, he is the most encouraging person~nesting place would NOT exist if it weren't for him encouraging me to pursue my passion.

Kara said...

wow, kudos!!! never could i have the patience to do that... hubby will come around :)

The Mommy said...

I LOVE it, but goodness gracious that wall is HUGE!!! You are a brave woman. Congratulations!!