Thursday, February 3, 2011

Super Bowl Party Part 1

We have volunteered to host the Super Bowl Party this year for our small group...
So, in true Laura fashion I could not just have a simple, easy party...
(that would make way to much sense!)

My first project is the table cloth:

First I gathered all of my supplies:
3 yards of green felt
iron-on numbers
white ribbon
double sided tape

After I got everything together, I laid my felt onto the table and made everything even.
I cut the ribbon into 5 even strips.

Next I laid the ribbon onto the felt and figured out where I wanted it.
( I only did 5 lines, to cut down on the cost of all the iron on numbers)

I got my double-sided tape and put strips onto the ribbon and then turned it over and pushed it down into place.

I took my numbers and figured out how I could use the most, so I did not have to buy another package, placed them where I wanted them and ironed them down... easy-peasy!

I will show the completed table cloth when I am done with everything...


Theresa said...

I like where this is going! Can't wait to see the final reveal :)

your newest follower, please follow me back :)


Creative Escapes said...

That is awesome!!!! I was looking for the artificial grass - but was too expensive - this is a great idea. I made a goal post I have a tutorial here: It would go perfect with your table cloth!!!

I am your newest follower!

melissa @ said...

What a great idea! I am featuring this on my blog, today!