Friday, February 4, 2011

Super Bowl Party PArt 2

If you are here for the first time,
you might want to check out
Super Bowl Part 1

After completing the table cloth, I was on a roll and started thinking about the next thing I could make, naturally a really over the top cupcake stand was top on my list.
So I gathered my supplies:

2 hat boxes ( the ones that are just cardboard)
Black paint
paint brush

The first thing I did was paint the boxes black and let them dry

Second, I cut circles out and put onto the top just for pure decorations,
the cupcakes will cover most of that.

Then I played around with the ribbon and put it on with double-sided tape (my new FAVORITE craft supply) until I got it how I wanted it!

Next I got out some leftover paper from some other super bowl decorations and made some paper flowers. Super easy, just cut out five circles, (they do NOT need to be perfect, actually it is better if they are not!) ruff them up a little, to give dimension, and hot glue together.

I hot glued them onto the boxes and there you go, a super fun cupcake stand!

Here is a peek at some of the other projects I am working on...
A very easy banner. I just used my Silhouette to cut out the pennants and the letters.

Then garland is just circles that I sewed together...which by the way is so easy and looks really cute. It is for sure my go to new banner idea!


sarah@homeismore said...

Love how it is all coming together!

Ellie said...

The cupcake stand is great! I've walked past those boxes at the craft store a million times and always wanted to get some but never had a reason. This is so cute!